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A product of Chicago suburban public schools, Karen was an award-winning student. She attended Eastern Illinois University on an art scholarship. At EIU she studied with mentor Craig Roland, receiving a BA in Art Ed. She did her graduate work in Education and Arts Technology at Illinois State University.

Teaching Positions

Now teaching at the Bay School of San Francisco!!!

Uni High at Urbana, IL
Taught from 1989 -1997
ArtSpace Student Gallery
Lick-Wilmerding High School
Taught from 1997 - 2002
*Student Work *
Nueva Middle School
Taught from 2002-2006
Student Work offline...
King Middle School
Home to the Edible Schoolyard
Sample Projects
Dream Mural Noisy Birds Ode to the Apple IIe Independent Study: Graffiti
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Alive: Resume, Profile, etc. Video: Shooter, Editor, DVD Production
Teaching: Artspace, Student Work, Links. Photography: 35MM Black & White, Digital, etc.
Sound: Peonqueen the Album, Radio, Soundtrack...
Mixed Media: 2D & 3D work.
Painting: Acrylic & Oils. Illustration: Digital and Traditional work.
Drawing: Graphite & Color Pencil. See This: Press, Resources, etc.
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