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ArtSpace has been in existence since March 1994. It is the first high school online publication of student work that was designed by Karen Hellyer, art teacher, and Usama Hajj, 1997 graduating senior at University Laboratory High School, in Urbana, Illinois.

The art works exhibited in this gallery have been created by students who were enrolled in Hellyer's Art Courses from 1989 through 1997 at Uni High, Urbana / Champaign. The curricular content is still being modified, but the rest of the site serves as an archive of these fabulous student projects! To offset the costs of hosting this resource, Google Ads are being used on a trial bases. We hope they aren't too annoying and that they actually help!

Class Exhibits

Permanent Exhibits
Computer Generated Artwork
Objects and Other 3D Representations
Uni High's Student Paintings
Drawings.  Lots of Them.
Self Portraits
Other Media:  An Exploration

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