The three main things you should know about Karen and sound are:
1. She's been a musician, songwriter and recording artist since high school.
In 1993 she released a full-length album titled Peon Queen.
2. She produced and hosted a show for Community Radio Station WEFT 90.1 FM called "Womyn Making Waves" for two years. She also deejays and produces radio and is currently learning about podcasting. 3. She's working on a project designing sound effects and an instrumental soundtrack for a time-lapsed piece by photographer Bob Rosenberg.
Alive: Resume, Profile, etc. Video: Shooter, Editor, DVD Production
Teaching: Artspace, Student Work, Links. Photography: 35MM Black & White, Digital, etc.
Sound: Peonqueen the Album, Radio, Soundtrack...
Mixed Media: 2D & 3D work.
Painting: Acrylic & Oils. Illustration: Digital and Traditional work.
Drawing: Graphite & Color Pencil. See This: Press, Resources, etc.
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