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Peon Queen
In 1993 when Karen lived in Champaign, Illinois, she gathered a group of friends to record her debut album at Pogo Studios with producer Mark Rubel. The songs featured are a diverse and retrospective collection of original material. Only 500 copies of the red plastic cassette tape were pressed and many were given away as part of a promotional effort to circulate the music.

After Karen moved to San Francisco in 1997, Rubel mailed Karen the DATs of the original mixes, along with the single "Pink & Blues" (see below) Karen transferred the DAT to disc, and most recently made the album available on CDBaby, and iTunes.

Read about the many talented players who appeared on the album.


1. Month of March
2. Can't Figure It Out
3. Peon Queen
4. It Takes Time
5. Courage Song
6. Intergalactic Hitchhiker


7. Fly
8. Hangin' With The Boys
9. Sleepy Dawg
10. Housework
11. View From A Bridge
12. Watch The Falling

You Are What You Shoot
"Pink & Blues" was recorded exclusively for this project, produced by drummer Matt North and Mother Jones Magazine in 1995. This disk is an amazing collection of artists from the Midwest, including The Mekons, Seam, Freakwater, and Adam Schmidt, to name a few. The project benefited the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, and can still be found in many "used" CD bins in a handful of record stores.

1. Pink & Blues

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