Peon Queen
Peon Queens

Melissa Merlie, Diane Underhill
Audrey Wells, Tracey Rose, Bill Mercer

Listen to the vocals on the title cut and you'll hear these folks howling it up in the background. What makes them each special is that they really shared the vision of PQ.

More things about the Peon Queens:

  • Melissa is working as a reporter and artist in Champaign/Urbana, IL.
  • Diane Underhill is now Diane Hall of the Sierra Foothills (CA), and has two lovely daughters.
  • Audrey Wells has recently retired from teaching English for 30 years, and has moved back to Central Illinois.
  • Last we heard, Tracey Rose is living somewhere on the Left Coast
  • And what about Bill? Good question!!! Is he still working for GM? We'd like to know!

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