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Karen is an accomplished multimedia artist, teacher and presenter. She's been developing and implementing studio & digital arts curriculum since 1989.

Karen designed the first online high school art gallery (ArtSpace) in 1994. Karen currently teaches digital arts classes at the Bay School of San Francisco.
She grew up in the Midwest where her parents and brothers still live. In 1997 she moved (with her cats) to the Bay Area where she currently lives and works.
Karen loves to play banjo, cook, shop at the local farmer's markets, work on her Scamp, go Scamping, and tinker in her studio when she's not working on a project or two...
Alive: Resume, Profile, etc. Video: Shooter, Editor, DVD Production
Teaching: Artspace, Student Work, Links. Photography: 35MM Black & White, Digital, etc.
Sound: Peonqueen the Album, Radio, Soundtrack...
Mixed Media: 2D & 3D work.
Painting: Acrylic & Oils. Illustration: Digital and Traditional work.
Drawing: Graphite & Color Pencil. See This: Press, Resources, etc.
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