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January 5, 1997

Womyn Making Waves

Hosted by: Karen Hellyer




Betty Windy Limboland
Vicky Pratt Keating N.Y. 10/11/91 Blue Apples
Sophie Zelman Always You 3 song sampler
Jewel Little Sister Pieces of You
Fiona Apple Sleep To Dream Tidal
Norma Waterson Black Muddy River Norma Waterson
Annie Gallup You Can Run Cause and Effect
Shawn Colvin Nothin' On Me A Few Small Repairs
Kris McKay Tear-Stained Eye Things That Show
Paula Cole Carmen This Fire
Heidi Berry Miracle Miracle
Mazzy Star Still Cold Among My Swan
Candice Pacheco Rest Ego If, Then, Else
Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet Trimonk Box
Cobra Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
Mary Watrovich You Look At Me You Look At Me
Michelle Shocked Eddie Kind Hearted Woman
Joan Osborne Son Of A Preacher Man promo
Kostars One Sunny Day Klassics with a "K"
k.d. lang Sexuality All You Can Eat
Karen Carpenter My Body Keeps Changing My Mind Karen Carpenter
His Name Is Alive Bad Luck Girl Stars On ESP
Belly Spaceman In Defense of Animals
Brenda Kahn Spoon Destination Anywhere
Disappear Fear Skin Seed In The Sahara
Heather Nova Truth & Bone Oyster
Tyte Sista Girls Town
Stonefox Jarvina Stonefox
Ebony Vibe Everlasting We Are Family Spirit of '73
Bessie Banks Go Now Stonewall Soundtrack
Grease Soundtrack Grease Grease Soundtrack

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