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February 21, 1996

"She's Actual Size: Women in Rock"
(Wednesday Nights 10-12)

Substituted by: Karen Hellyer for Marleen C. Hendrickx




Chick Surrender Someones Ugly Daughter
Janis Joplin Piece of My Heart Ball & Chain
Dance Hall Crashers Queen For A Day Dance Hall Crashers
Zu Zus Pedals How Long? When No One's Looking
Sid Straw Future 40's (String of Pearls) Surprise
Bettie Serveert Palomine Rare On Air
Girls In The Nose Funky Slide Girls In The Nose
Team Dresch She's Amazing Personal Best
Moe Tucker Crackin' Up Dogs Under Stress
Redball Cake Walk Redball
Lydia Lunch Still Burning Drowning in Limbo
Me'Shell Digging You Plantation Lullabies
L7 Three Days Twisted Willie
Two Nice Girls Speed Racer Like A Version
Patti Smith Frederick Waves
Golden Palominos Anything Pure
Tom Tom Club You Sexy Thing Dark, Sneak Love Action
His Name Is Alive In Every Ford Demo
Holy Golightly Every Word The Good Things
The Skirts S & M Blvd. Boy The Sund of Hollywood Girls
Bandit Queen Frida Kahlo Hormone Hotel
Corndolly S.B.D. Corndolly
Beezus Wombat Breakfast Was Weird
Yoko Ono Ask The Dragon Certain Damage
Breeders Do You Love Me Now Last Splash
Naked Barbies Innuendos Dancing With Vacuums
Mary Stuart Ruby Tuesday Scribble
Natalie Merchant Sympathy for the Devil Live recording

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