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December 1, 1996

Womyn Making Waves

Hosted by: Karen Hellyer




Venus Envy I Hate The Holidays I'll Be A Homo For X-Mas
Emmylou Harris Crescent City Cowgirl's Prayer
Lucinda Williams Jambalaya Ramblin'
D'Cuckoo Umoja Umoja
Leslie Dupre' Grimaud Monica Hi! Here Is Our Alternative
Fastbacks Rocketman Super Fantastic Mega Smash
Etta James Love & Happiness The Right Time
Maria Mckee To Miss Someone Maria Mckee
Mary Stuart Water Scribble
Topp Twins Whiteline To Georgia
His Name Is Alive Bad Luck Girl Stars on ESP
Cibo Matto Sugar Water Rare On Air
2 Nice Girls Heart Crawls Off 2 Nice Girls
Lush Hey Hey Helen Gala
Pooka City Sick Pooka
Disappear Fear Photograph Deep Soul Diver
Kostars Jacqueline Klassics With a "K"
Fanny Bulldog Fanny Mill
Venus Envy Rhonda The Lesbo Reindeer I'll Be A Homo For X-Mas
Phranc Surfer Girl Positively Phranc
Meg Hentges This Kind Of Love Tattoo Urge
Sheryl Crow D'yer Mak'er Encomium
The Horsies Cowboy Caterpillar Trouble Down South
Teresa Brewer Roll Them Roly Boly Eyes Teresa Brewer
Derivative Duo Classified Opera For The Masses
Hot Licks (Dan Hicks) I'm An Old Cowhand Striking It Rich
Betty Kiss My Sticky Outloud
Tribe 8 Radar Love Roadkill Cafe
Brenda Kahn Yellow Sun Destination Anywhere
Luscious Jackson Find Your Mind Natural Ingredients
Babes In Toyland More, More, More Spirit of '73

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