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August 25, 1996

Womyn Making Waves

Hosted by: Karen Hellyer




Sheryl Crow D'yer Mak'er Encomium
Patti Smith Gone Again Patti Smith Masters
Vicki Pratt Keating n.y. 10/11/91 Blue Apples
The Heretics Sister Mass Hysteria
k.d. lang So In Love Red, Hot & Blue
Bettie Seveert Something So Wild CD Single
Phranc Hilary's Eyebrows 7" Single
Kendra Smith Valley of Morning Sun 4AD Compilation
Gracy and the Herbman Band Comfortable Movements
Cowboy Girl Lonesome Cowboy Girl Cowboy Girl
Holly Golightly Just Once The Main Attraction
Pooka City Sick Pooka
Yvonne Fair Funky Music Funkology Vol. 3
Jill Sobule The Girl In The Affair Jill Sobule
Cobra Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
His Name is Alive Bad Luck Girl Stars on ESP
Suzanne Little You Slowbrew
Tracy Bonham One Hit Wonder Burdens of Being Upright
Kostars Jolene on the Freeway Kostars
Red House Painters Cabezon Ocean Beach
2 Nice Girls Princess of Power Chloe Liked Olivia
Stonefox Jarvina Stonefox
Jeannie Riley Harper Valley PTA KHJ Vinyl Compilation
Tribe 8 Think Fist City
The Story Love Song The Angel in The House
Portishead It's A Fire Dummy
Come Cimarron Ain't Nothing But A She Thing
Des'ree You Gotta Be I Ain't Movin'

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