Chillius Hottius

Student Art


Tara Alan

Salsa is a bird native to Chile. He is a relative of the ostrich . He has a blue beak and orange splotches. His brow is lide a zebra. Also called Pallet, named for it's bright colors , has feathers of green, yellow, red, blue, pink, and black.

It stays in the Andes mountains all year long , except on vacation on October 13th,when it flies to Hawaii for vacation, then flies back to Chile in the evening. It eats fried porcupine needles and burritos.

Everyday it goes to Putt-Putt and plays miniture golf. After 5 rounds ,he goes to the concession stand and buys 1pound of carmel macadamia nut ice-cream [low fat.] .He smears it over his face, then licks it off with his 9-foot retractable toungue .

He is very afraid of rabbits and dragonflies. Whenever he sees one , he jumps up and down, flaps his wings like a propeller, and makes a sound like a vaccuum cleaner and a stapler combined.

It's favorite foods are rotten tomatoes and deep fried rutabegga. He rarely eats them though, because they are very rare in the part of Chile that he lives in.

He loves to wear Birkenstocks because he thinks that they are pretty.

Another weird habit of his is that he carries a pair of fuzzy around , just in case he wants to play an unexpected game of Monopoly.

His mating call is, "Wacka Wacka Wacka !!!!! ". The strange thing is, for some reason, none of the female birds come to him. Hmmm...... I wonder why?

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