Student Art


Dan Shapiro

Cojo (cojo) is a very rare bird. There are only four species left of Cojo's kind left living. They will all be found in the beautiful island of Jamaica. People stare at the bird whenever it flies by as if at was a commet that flew thr ough the sky once every million year. Cojo and his kind are all herbivores. His diet includes leaves and bright red berries. They became endagered once they added the red berries to their diet. Whenever they digested the berries they would consume a v irus that would make them very sick and it would kill braincells until the bird died.

Cojo's type are the flying tucans. Many people mistake them for normal tucans but they are very different. Cojo is a very fast bird during flight but just wobbles slowly when trying to get places while on land. He is originally named after his birdcall . His call is Coj-coj-coj-cojo, Coj-coj-coj-cojo.

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