Bird Of The Desert

Student Art


Ben Sapp

Lickety, the bird of the desert is almost never seen. First of all its only comes out at night, and then in only remote places in the Sahara, Arizona and Aku-Bachi deserts. During the day they bury themselves under the sand. If they don't suffocate dur ing the day, they climb out of their hole and run around eating sand, surviving on the one-celled creatures that dwell in the sand. As you might of observed, the Lickety bird is highly stupid. This the reason there are only a few left. There call can b e heard from miles Around. "Lickety, Lickety, Lickety!," and fall to the ground. Scientists are baffled as to why they do this. They are related to any other bird in any way; scientists think they all may have been mutations. They have never reproduce d, being too stupid. Not one Lickety has lived to its full age. The average life expectancy is six months. There were approximately 10,000 when first discoverd, dying at a rate of two per day. There are exactly 480 left today (September 30, 1996). Th ey will die in exactly 240 days. No efforts have been made to save their species.

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