Student Art


Chas Conway

Commonly called the "Conway Hopper," he Lonka is a species of bird that lives in a warm climate and in woodsy areas. It is most commonly found in the lower parts of Florida and in Cuba. The Florida inhabitants don't care for it too much, and they are usua lly trapped and then sent to the Everglades. In Cuba they thrive in forests all throughout the island. They feed on things like Vine berries, Tonka leaves, and Shonda blossoms. They also find tourists a great place to get a meal. A whole flock of them wi ll gather around the tourist(s), waiting for a treat. The Lonka is a fairily calm bird, it welcomes attention and food. It can fly, for quite a distance too. Though it needs not, and cannot migrate. The Lonka is a very bright bird and it stays mostly on t he ground. It has very few preditors though, because it defends itself with it's large beak. Even the Cuban's don't hunt it because it tastes sour anyway it's cooked. The Lonka has been domesticated in several countries and is a good house pet. It is trai nable and learns quickly. It also serves very well at getting rid of mice and other rodents.

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