The Ringo Bird

Student Art


Ayesha Choudhury

The Ringo bird is musically inclined. He can play the drums and the electric sitar. He can play all the other percussion instruments(bongo, woodblocks, triangle, ect.) and the acoustic sitar. His feathers are green with a neon glow. The feathers on his arms are mixture of sky and turquoise blue.

When living in his native Liverpool, England he eats beans, crumpets, and Yorkshire pudding from Lancashire. The Ringo bird drinks a mixture of tea and vodka, he also drinks lime juice and water.

The Ringo bird constructs most of his own instruments except for the sitar and drum heads. The time he doesn't spend on tour and in Liverpool he spends in India with Ravi Shankar and the Maharishi.

There is only one Ringo bird in the world. That is why we pamper him by letting him go on tour and some people pretend to like it. Every winter he puts out a new album and he flocks to the U.S. to promote it.

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