Draconian Bird

Student Art


Eric Chang

The legendary draconian bird breaths fire and spends all its life around or in the Sun or very hot stars. Its diet consists of anything ranging from asteroid minerals, and chunks of other planets to the metal of spacecrafts. It has one large red eye with a green center. Around its eyes are many green protective rings that shield its eyes from extremely bright light from the sun. It has triangular mouth that can't close so it is almost constantly breathing fire unless it uses the red flap in its mouth to cover its throat opening. It flies into the sun to recharge its fiery breath. Its tail attracts the gases from the sun and stores it until it needs to be used.

It melts its food and "drinks" the remains that float in space. The wings are orange with a blue or green circle in the middle. The circle expels excess flaming gases. That is why there is flames around its wings. The Draconian Bird is born on the sun an d stars and lives in space for the rest of its life. There are 3 parts of the Draconian Birds. The main unit, port wing and aft wing. The main unit splits away from the wings and it slowly grows back its wings again and the wings regenerate the core unit and then the other wing. One Draconian bird can turn into 3 every 100000 years. That is why there are so few of them. Its fire can go up to a heat of 10000 degrees F.

The Draconian bird has many variations. Ones that shoot blasts of acid, some who breath poison gases, some that shoot a cold beam of frost, others who have all of these terrible powers. Some of the birds can be very dangerous to approach. The one in the picture is a Draconian bird that shoots flames and is 400000 years old. It was named Killer because it tried to eat the spacecraft that encountered it.

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