The Rainbow Bird

Student Art


Carl Broadbent

Colourious Birious is one of the most colorful birds in the world. Most people just call it the rainbow bird. It lives in the Amazon Rain Forest. The many colors are used by the males to find a mate. Its diet includes birds and fish. Many of the ins ects are poisonous to all other animals, and one of the fish is the ferocious piranha. Their call is very lovely, and many people have fallen to sleep just because they heard it.

The male rainbows are very colorful, and have two crests. The females, which are rarely seen, are a green color to help them blend in with the trees. The nests are lined with the females feathers so it will blend in too. The eggs are dark brown, and t hey are the size of chicken eggs. The chicks are about one inch when they hatch, and they have no feathers. As they grow they grow green feather, and later the males will grow their colorful feathers and crest. The males grow to about twelve inches lon g, and the females grow to seven inches.

A myth of a native group of people says that many times the mystical rainbow bird has flown over the forest after a rain storm and make a rainbow appear. The bird is believed to have magical powers to cure sick people and bring good luck. Many people a re hunting this bird to get it's valuable feathers and meat. The bird almost went extinct but now it is making a strong comeback.

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