Student Art


Carol Baym

Patty is a Meckle Bird. Meckle birds come in many colors, some of them are blue, green, red and purple. Meckle birds like daytime, but not very bright light. They can see during the night too. Meckle birds are very lazy, they usu ally stay up only forty-five minutes per day. So it is very rare to see them.

Meckle birds HATE worms. They strictly eat pond plants. Patty, however, likes only dark green ones.

Meckle birds sleep under water. Most people think those little curly-q's on the top of their heads are for decoration but really they channel the air into their lungs. If you have ever seen a blue rock about the size of a tennis ball, maybe it was Pat ty. They are very heavy so they sink in. The reason they have never been caught is because they just sink in. They come up by using their wings to propel them upwards.

Patty lives in the jungle in the ponds.

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